Don't let pests spoil the product of your weeks, or even months, of labor! As a safeguard measure, whether on your own or in concert with a pest professional, take care to inspect the exterior foundation walls. If you find any gaps, act swiftly to patch them up or seal them closed. Only then can ...

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ALL NATURAL EXTERMINATION & FUMIGATION SERVICES We offer great Pest Management Services, all Natural and Eco-Friendly Pest Control. Low risk, non-toxic pesticides that is safe for kids and pets! We care about you, your family and also the environment. For many years, we’ve cared about providi...

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Your Source for Local Pest Extermination And Insect Control. Best non-toxic pest control products, Affordable pest elimination, Local pest control company, Friendly pest extermination service, Complete pest control and management, Customized pest control plans.

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A dryer sends exhaust through a duct that terminates in an exterior vent. Unless you take preventive steps, insects and rodents can exploit this vent as an entry point. Ensure that the vent includes a damper, a component that opens to make way for exiting air, then closes to discourage pests. Pro...

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In response to the demand by our residential and commercial customers for green solutions, We have developed a proprietary methodology. Our technicians consult with each client to determine the ideal mix of effective and environmentally friendly treatments for the particular situation. Using our ...

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Always keep in mind that your deck is an attractive target for pests, especially wood-boring and wood-destroying insects like carpenter bees and termites. To ensure that your deck can stand up to the threat, be sure to build only with lumber pretreated to deter pests. Also, as time passes, rememb...

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We’re not happy until you’re happy. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If pests return between treatments, your Tech will return for a touch up at no extra charge. If we are unable to solve your pest problem, we’ll refund your last service payment for as long as you are our customer.

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SERVICES OFFERED Pest Control: Roaches, ants, spiders, crickets, earwigs, silverfish, pill bugs, fleas, bees, wasps, and more Termite Control: Preventative and response measures for termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-destroying insects. Services include termite control, inspection, treatmen...

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Commercial Services. Your home is often considered to be your biggest lifetime investment. However, if you own a business, you know how critical it is to protect this investment - essentially your livelihood - from pests and rodents!

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Pest Management Services In Savannah

Welcome to the beginning of the end of your insect and termite problems in Savannah. Affordable Pest Solutions is locked, loaded and ready to fire on any insect or rodent related inconveniences you may have in your home. Our crew has a strong track record of happy customers and not so happy bugs.

How can we be so confident?

Well after 20+ years of saving people from the nuisances of insects, rodents, other creepy & crawly critters... our customers have told us first hand how effective we are.


1. Fast Service
2. Friendly Staff
3. Fair Pricing

So this is exactly what we focus on for our services... being FAST, FAIR & FRIENDLY. We are here to eliminate your pest control problems in a snap!


1. Thorough Inspection And Evaluation

A professional exterminator has the capability to offer a thorough assessment and evaluation of the infected property, allowing them to locate the possible infestation issues. In this way, they will always be able to advice the proper course of action to take. A knowledgeable professional has the ability to avoid and solve most of the possible infestation problems, while also having the ability to take the required action during emergency cases. When on the scene, our staff will determine the main cause of the damage and will eventually advice on the best approach to remove the problem.

2. Complete With Tools, Equipment And All Other Things Needed

A competent wildlife controller and insect removal professional will also have access to chemicals, which are far more efficient when it comes to resolving the problem. Also, we provide advice on the proper steps that have to be taken in order to keep the property secure and avoid future infestations. The use of effective chemicals and high quality treatments is another great advantage of hiring the services of an expert exterminator. A lot of the products that are found at the local DIY store are not that dependable and might require a number of repeat treatments prior to creating any obvious difference.

Why Choose Our Pest Control Service?

* Qualified And Licensed Pest Management Company

* Delivers Guaranteed 100% Customer Satisfaction

* Checks The Degree Of Infestation First Before Creating A Plan And Delivers A Solution To Solve The Problem

* Has A Team That Does Not Rush In Making A Decision

* Cost

* Convenience

* They Have the Skills and Knowledge

Skills and Knowledge are important and necessary to prevent and control rodents and flying insects effectively. That is why our team has the knowledge and skill to identify and most importantly, treat any problem.

* Risk and Warranties

Application or usage of chemicals is necessary when it comes to dealing with cockroaches. Allow the professionals to deal with the application of necessary chemicals. They know how to use it in which safety is ensured.

There is also the fact that when the application did not work, you can easily call them to fix things. Professional exterminators always deliver a guarantee on performance.


Flea service, controlling bed bugs and unwanted creatures is an important management task you need to perform to keep you and your family safe and protected from dangerous wildlife. Aside from the protection it affords, our services also help in cutting the cost of damages which are associated. This type of management service is not simply focused on eliminating ants, spiders, fleas, roaches and other harmful animals.


* Less Risk of Illness

Rodent droppings and insect bites make people ill and can greatly effect small children and the elderly.

* Less Cleaning

It is expected that you have more important things to use your time with than spending it on cleaning up termite droppings. But you can stop worrying about these tasks once you hire our company to deal with this issue. Later, you can just focus on doing your other tasks and responsibilities.

* Be Able To Sleep Better

Do you want to avoid the risk of spiders crawling on you? Hire the right company now to eliminate these pest in your home and prevent a spider scare! Don’t let issues that can be taken care of immediately affect your sleep.

* You Will Have Peace of Mind

Sometimes, the attempt to eliminate these bed bugs your way makes things worse. Let the professionals handle this for you. They use a safe approach in meeting your goal. As the procedure gets done, rest assured that your peace of mind will follow!

* Helps Protect Your Family and Prevents Costly Repairs From Pest-Caused Damages

Preventative Measures You Can Do Yourself:

* Keep your kitchen free from any leftovers and never leave anything where pests would be able to get to it.

* Make sure that all trash bins have lids and remove all of the trash as regularly as possible.

* Secure all windows and doors by installing screens or just keep your screened windows and doors in good condition.

* Ensure that all foliage and branches are trimmed and are far from any part of your home. Most of the time, branches are used by pests as their way of entering your home and should be kept in a certain distance.

* Other things that you can do are sweeping, cleaning, dusting and vacuuming of your entire home or property to ensure that not a single spot will attract the attention of pests.

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